Is the discount code valid on all products?

The discount code is valid on almost all products. Only already discounted products and combo deals are excluded from the discount.

The on/off button drops out of the outer blanket’s label.

When you have washed the outer blanket and you want to put it back on the inner blanket, pay attention to the following. Make sure you tie the 4 loops of the inner blanket, tightly to the outer blanket. If you do not do this, the on/off button may detach from the label. When tucking the on/off button back in (in the outer blanket’s label), make sure there is no piece of fabric in between.

Is THE.WRAP safe?

Yes, all our heat products are safe to use and CE approved. The powerbank is equipped with a protection against overheating. The moment it gets too hot, the battery will automatically switch off.

We do not recommend the use of our products by the following persons; persons who are hypersensitive to heat and persons who cannot react to overheating. Persons with physical or mental disabilities are discouraged from using the product unless supervised by someone responsible for their safety.

Children under 3 years of age are also not recommended to use the product as they are not able to react well to overheating. Children over 3 years old up to an age of 10 are advised to use the product only on the lowest setting and always under adult supervision.

Our heat products can be used during pregnancy, but we do not recommend using the products around the abdomen. Persons with heart problems are advised to seek advice on the use of heat products from their medical specialist before use.

Do not fall asleep with the heat products. The user may suffer heat stroke or burns.


Only the outer cover can be machine washed at 30˚C. The on/off button is carefully pushed out of the label. The label itself can go in the washing machine and cannot be detached from the outer cover.

How many heat settings does THE.WRAP have?

The.Wrap has 3 settings;

  • Red: 40-45˚C
  • Blue: 38-40˚C
  • Green: 35-38˚C


It takes about 10 minutes for The.Wrap to fully warm up. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds (it will ”fade” into the red colour while heating up) and after 10 minutes it will automatically shoot to the blue colour. Then by briefly pressing the button again, it will jump to your desired setting.

How do I turn on The.Wrap?

First, fully charge the included powerbank. Inside the inner sleeve is a pocket where you can put the powerbank and connect it with the wrap. Note! This pouch should only be used when wet and/or outdoors! Press the button on the outside of the wrap for 3 sec.

How does The.Wrap work?

It uses infrared heating technology, more specifically FIR (Far Infra Red). This is a long-wave infrared that begins to heat up in the deeper layers of the body. Your body temperature rises and you get wonderfully warm while the air around you remains cold. There are 2 heat elements in The.Wrap.

The heat given off by the 2 heat elements reaches up to 65˚C on the highest (red) setting. This has been extensively tested using heat meters. It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach this heat. However, the heat you will experience will be around 45˚C (about 8˚C warmer than your own body temperature).

What are the functionalities of The.Wrap?

The.Wrap is one of our wireless infrared heat products, but with multiple functions. Zio can serve The.Wrap (when zipped together) as a hand warmer. If you unzip The.Wrap then you can easily use it as a cushion for on your office chair or snug in the back. And finally if you zip The.Wrap together inside out it serves as a hot water bottle or neck pillow!

What fabric are the cushions made of?

Our heat cushions are made of Teddy Fleece, more commonly known as polyester. To this is added Spandex, which makes the fabric stretchable but also returns to its own shape easily. It is also known as elastane. It helps make clothes and fabrics more comfortable because it can stretch and adjust to your body. Thanks to the combination of the two fabrics, our heat products are immensely soft, nice and light and retain heat well. In addition, the combination ensures that the fabrics do not wrinkle.