How do I ensure the longest lifespan of The.Powerbank?

Ideally, you should use The.Powerbank until it is completely empty and then fully charge it until all 4 lights are on. Use a 5V/2A adapter.

Which charger do I use to charge The.Powerbank?

It is best to use a 5V/2A plug. Plugs with a higher power rating will reduce the lifespan of The.Powerbank.

*Please note! Our own adapter DC and/or MicroUSB are not suitable for charging The.Powerbank. 

How do I know the powerbank is full?

The.Powerbank is full when all 4 lights are on.

Why does The.Powerbank take so long to charge?

To charge the powerbank, make sure you use the right plug, namely a 2 amp / 5 volt plug (this is often indicated on the charging block itself.).

How many heat elements does the cushion have?

Size S contains 4 elements and size L 6 elements. These are spread across the surface at the top of the cushion.

What is FIR radiation?

This is Far Infrared radiation. The radiation warms the body from the inside as the FIR waves penetrate deep into the skin. The energy level in the water of the cells is quietly increased resulting in warming of the body itself and not the environment.

For whom is the cushion suitable?

The cushion is suitable for dogs and cats. Cats like a warm spot. So do most dogs, especially when it gets colder. Young pets and those with muscle and joint complaints especially love the pillow. It reminds young pets of the warmth of the nest and for the slightly older pet, the warmth can ease pain.

Why is the button flashing when the cushion is not on?

This means that the power bank is still connected and it is on standby.

Can the cushion be washed?

The outer cover can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Do not put the cover in the dryer.

My dog loves to swim. Can he go on the cushion afterwards?

The inner cover is waterproof to protect the wires and foam from moisture. So only the outer cover will get wet. But so will any other cushion.