Chill 'n Shine

Multifunctional LED lighting!

Light & Sound

Are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else? Our beautiful designer LED lights bring the atmosphere you want. Choose soothing warm white for intimate moments together or more exuberant colours during a party. Some products are even equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. With these, you can easily play your own playlist! Via Bluetooth, you can easily connect as many products as you want for the same sound and light everywhere.

And did you know that our lanterns can even be used as wine coolers? That way you can keep your drink nice and cool as well. What else do you need?

Lighting with speaker
Our products with lights fall into 2 categories; with or without a bluetooth speaker. If you want not only beautiful lighting but also the option of playing your own playlist, then choose The.Lampion, The.Bowl, The.Bar Table, The.Cube, The.Twilight Tune or The.Pouf.

Lighting without speaker
If you just want beautiful lighting, then choose The.Twilight, The.Ball or The.Diffuser. Each of these products has features that make them just right for you.


Multicoloured LED light with built-in bluetooth speaker and space to cool bottles!


Multicolour LED lighting with built-in bluetooth speaker and space to cool 12 bottles!

The.Bar Table

A mobile bar table with bluetooth speaker, lighting and space to cool drinks. Now that's an eye-catcher!


Listening to music while sitting comfortably with your legs up. Or use it as a side table! Endless possibilities!


The.Cube's.little brother, only slightly different!


The most beautiful floor lamp that can be purchased with or without a Bluetooth speaker!


Light up your garden with this ball-shaped lantern! The.Ball is completely waterproof so you can also float it in the pool or pond.


Combining sophisticated design and LED lighting, this fragrance diffuser is a feast for the eyes.

Music and lights everywhere

You can easily connect our products via Bluetooth. As much and wherever you want, because all products are wireless. This way, you create the same music and lights everywhere. This applies not only to the lanterns, but also to our other products with speaker.

Having a cosy party with friends, family or neighbours? Nikki.Amsterdam loves it! All our products are aimed at having a great time together, in a large or small group.


Nikki.Amsterdam has its own app. It can be downloaded for free from the AppStore or Google PlayStore. Via the app, you stream your own music and control the lighting. Do you want warm white, or do you prefer a colour? Does the lighting “dance” to the music or do you prefer to keep it quiet? It’s all possible! If that doesn’t turn into a party.

Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is part of an advanced module that provides a beautifully balanced sound combined with high-quality lighting. The size of the different products has been taken into account.

By raising the lanterns slightly using the aluminum legs, the sound can dissipate well, resulting in a beautiful sound. The location of the module has also been carefully considered for the other products.


Wine cooler with light en music

Beautiful lighting, your own music and also your drink chilled. What more could you want? Fill your lantern with ice and your favourite wine stays deliciously cold. Depending on the size of the product, you cool one or several bottles at a time. In The.Lampion S and M cool 1 bottle, and The.Lampion L 2 bottles. But if you choose The.Bowl or The.Bar Table, you can easily chill 12-15 bottles at a time. And you’ll have a great eye-catcher right away!

Wireless outdoor lighting

Our lights are wireless and have a battery that can be charged with the included adapter. After this, you can take your purchase anywhere and enjoy it for 8-10 hours. Great for the boat, veranda in the garden or taking to the park.

There is one exception, which is The.Diffuser. This product works on electricity and continuously diffuses water vapour with a lovely fragrance.