How do I link my product?

Linking the product to our app?
Make sure your product is fully charged. Activate the product via the on/off button. Via settings, turn on your bluetooth. The product appears on the screen. Click on it to connect to the device. If you have downloaded the free Nikki.Amsterdam app (in the App Store or Google Play Store), you can use this app to stream your own music and change the colours. You can also compile your own music list directly via a streaming service of your choice.

Note! It is not possible to connect multiple devices (phone, tablet, etc.) to your Nikki.Amsterdam product at the same time. If you want to connect another device to your product, make sure the bluetooth of the first connected device is switched off.

Connecting multiple products?
When you have connected the first product to your phone or other device, you can switch on the other products one by one. Each of these will take over the colour and music of the first product. The first product remains the main device, you can only control the music and colour via this device.