TOP 4 questions

Yes, all products on our site are stocked as standard. If this is not the case, this is clearly stated with the product.

Shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium is free. For shipping outside these countries, costs are charged. The extra costs will be visible in the order process after you have selected the country of your choice.

Of course! You have 14 days to return without giving a reason. Exchange for another model is also possible (for more information see the chapter Exchange and Return).

Of course, you have a one-year warranty. For more information, see the Warranty chapter.

Shipping costs

No costs are charged for shipping within the Netherlands and to Belgium.

For shipping outside the Netherlands and Belgium costs are charged. The extra costs will be visible in the order process after you have selected the country of your choice.


The packages are delivered by DPD.

DPD delivers the packages from Monday to Saturday from 08.00 – 18.00.

As a rule, when orders are placed before 14.00 on working days, the order is delivered the next day. When ordered on Friday after 2 pm or on the weekend, delivery will take place on Tuesday.

After the package leaves our warehouse you will receive a track and trace code, so you can track where the package is and what the planned delivery time is.

We also deliver abroad. However, additional costs may be charged for this which will become visible in the order process after you have checked the country of your choice.

When you are not at home, the deliverer tries to deliver the package to one of the neighbors.

If you do not want the parcel to be delivered to the neighbors, please indicate this with the order.

Also around the holidays we do our best to have the packages delivered on time. You help us tremendously by placing your order on time. But we also know how it works, and sometimes this does not always work. Keep in mind any changes in the delivery schedule of DPD and great crowds around the holidays.

We prefer to deliver your order, but if you really want to pick it up yourself, please let us know on the order form.


No, we do not add an invoice to the order. It often happens that one of our products is donated and then an invoice is not intended. The invoice is sent by e-mail to the person who ordered.

After the package has left our warehouse, you automatically receive a track and trace code.

This is possible. In the ordering process you can choose a different shipping address.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The products are already packed in sturdy boxes that are suitable for shipping. In connection with the damage to the gift paper during shipment, we have chosen not to pack our packages with gift paper.


You can choose from the following payment options; Ideal, credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, bancontact, SOFORT Banking, KBC / CBC, Belfius Direct net.
Your data is protected. You can see this through the lock in your browser and because https appears instead of http.

When paying with Ideal, you pay the requested amount online via your own bank. The amount will be debited directly from your account and your bank will give Nikki.Amsterdam a confirmation that payment has been made. Because payment is made immediately, we can immediately proceed to processing your order and we can immediately send the order to you.

Payments through VISA, Meastro, Mastercard and American Express are accepted by Nikki.Amsterdam. If the payment is approved by your bank, we can immediately proceed to processing your order and we can immediately send the products in stock to you.

When paying with Paypal, you link your own payment accounts or credit card (s) to a Paypal account and you can complete the payment in a secure environment. Creating an account is easy and free and you can transfer direct payments online to the Paypal account. If the payment is approved, we immediately proceed to processing your order and we can immediately send the products to you.

You can also choose to pay by bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail with the payment details and as soon as Nikki.Amsterdam has received the amount, you will proceed to processing your order.

Postpaying is unfortunately not possible. The payment must be paid to us before we send the order.

When ordering large quantities, we would like to ask you to contact us so that we can make you a suitable offer.

Exchange and Return

The legal approval period is 14 days. We keep this period within which you can return an order

Download the return and service form from our website, fill it in completely and place it in the packaging.

For a quick settlement we ask you to return by mail to the address mail You can send your order to;

Attn Return
Mollerusweg 17
2031 BZ Haarlem

If the product is damaged or defective with you, the return costs for Nikki.Amsterdam. We will refund this after receipt of your order. If you do not want to purchase the product after all, the return costs are for your account.

We will refund the amount within 2 working days after receiving your return. You will receive a message from us if we have transferred the amount.

Of course this is possible. Send us an email with this request in advance and download the return and service form. Fill this in as completely as possible and send it in the packaging.
-If the new product is more expensive than your original product, we wait until we have received the amount and your first order is returned to us. Then we send the new product to you.
-If the new product is cheaper we will refund the difference to you. After receiving your first product, we send the new one to you.

Warranty and defective products

A warranty period of one year applies to our products. The date of purchase stated on the invoice is the starting date of the guarantee period. The invoice is a guarantee certificate. Therefore keep it well.

If this is the case, please send an email to as soon as possible and we will resolve this.

If your purchase or part does not function (properly) please contact us via Sometimes we can offer a solution by phone. If it is necessary to return the product, we will ask you to download the return and service form from our website. Fill it in as completely as possible so that we can solve it quickly for you.

You can send the product, preferably in its original packaging, to;

Attn Service
Mollerusweg 17
2031 BZ Haarlem

If you want to order a part, please send an e-mail to In general we have the parts in stock and we do not have to order it from the manufacturer. We will inform you about the costs and the expected delivery date.

About us

You can find us at the address below:
Mollerusweg 76
2031 BZ Haarlem.
We keep our office in the furniture store Zooff and have a shop-in-shop there.

We can be reached by telephone on workdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
+31 23 205 2307. In the unlikely event that we do not have the opportunity to answer the telephone, you will mainly send a message. We will call you back as soon as possible.
We can also be reached by email via We strive to answer your mail within 24 hours.

Our sales points are listed on the site. The Zooff store in Haarlem and the stores of Boerenbond that are listed on our site have all our products in the store as standard. There we have shop-in-shops. If you would like to visit the products elsewhere, we advise you to contact the relevant store. You can also contact us and we will gladly tell you where you can view the product of your choice.

N.A. B.V.

CoC: 73939722


Yes, all products on our site are stocked as standard. If this is not the case, this is clearly stated with the product.

Of course this is possible. For example, our products are often used as promotional gifts. We even have the possibility to personify our products or offer a package. If you contact us by telephone or email, we can offer you the possibilities and make an appropriate offer.

If we did not act according to the conditions set by a quality mark, it would soon have ended with us in this digital age. We therefore act according to these conditions. However, we can not find ourselves in the high costs that such quality marks charge. With us, customer satisfaction comes first and we will do our very best for that.

If you have a complaint about one of our products or handling your order, please let us know. We will then do our best to solve it for you. If, incidentally, you are positive about our products and / or handling, we would also like to hear this!


As the name suggests, the Color gives light in multiple colors. You can choose one specific color or a gradual transition to multiple colors. You can also let the colors move to the beat of the music.

In addition, it is possible to connect several Color lampions with each other, so that both sound and light are matched. This creates a surround system, as it were. We call this the SYNC function.

It is the possibility to connect the lampions to each other, so that both sound and light are matched. This creates a surround system and you can have your own light show. It is one of the newest bluetooth technologies.

Yes, this is possible via the built-in sync function

If you like a warm light and place less value on the SYNC function (the possibility to connect several lampions together) The.Lampion Original is the best choice for you. Although you can also put The.Lampion Color on a white light, it is slightly whiter in color.

After you have switched on the lampion, you will automatically contact the lampion via bluetooth on your smartphone or other device. Make sure that the bluetooth is switched off on other devices. You can now play your own playlist or listen to your favourite radio station.

You start as described above. The first lampion you turn on is the main product, product A. Then you can turn on the other lampions (B / C / D / ..) one by one. They automatically connect to product A. Operation of light and sound takes place via product A .

There is no limit to the number.

You can still connect the lampions with a distance up to 15 meters.

The light of The.Lampion Original can be switched on and off with the button at the bottom of the lampion. You can control the sound of this lampion with the device that is connected to The.Lampion.