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Personalised gifting

In recent years, companies have had to ask a lot of their staff and still have to pull out all the stops in many sectors. Companies use the Christmas period to express their thanks to employees. This is often accompanied by a nice gift. Thanks to the good quality and beautiful luxury appearance of our products, the token of appreciation is expressed in a beautiful way and a gift is given that people enjoy for a long time.

Energy crisis
As a result of the energy crisis, costs are rising not only for companies. It also affects people at home. We find that employers are looking for a way to support their employee. Our heating products are hugely sought-after business gifts for this reason. Not only is it a very nice gift, it also helps to lower the thermostat at home by one degree. This is not only sustainable, but also saves money.

Due to the high demand for our heat products, in the case of large orders and/or the desire for personalised orders, we recommend ordering early so that we can guarantee delivery.



keeping warm on you


So you always stay warm


Wrap yourself in warmth


This will see you through the winter!


For those who want to stay in the spotlight for a longer period of time, we offer the possibility to personalise our products by placing your own brand name in the leather handle and/or compose your own (personal) package. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities via our contact form below.


We already put together a number of packages that are delivered in a nice gift box. Below you can find several examples. Would you like to add something personal or would you rather have a bottle of bubbles from Astrid & Therese, we are happy to think along with you!