Heated garden cushions

Extend your summer evening!

Rechargeable heat pillow

Outdoor heating cushion
You probably know the feeling. Sitting outside, it gets a bit chilly. Our heat blankets and heat pads are the ideal solution for the patio heating you are looking for. The heating products (both the heating pad and the blanket) can be used completely wirelessly. So you can take them anywhere. The garden, the terrace, the veranda or the boat. The powerful powerbanks provide 10 – 14 hours of comfortable warmth!

Extend your summer evening with our heated garden cushions and lovely warming blankets! Nikki.Amsterdam makes sure you can enjoy the outdoors into the wee hours of the morning.

Wireless heating pillow

Lounge cushions for the veranda
Are you one of the lucky ones with a veranda in the garden? Then you probably have a lovely lounge sofa or chairs there. Did you know that the heat given off by our infrared heating blankets and heated lounge cushions provide a relaxing effect? And what could be better than listening to the birds in the garden or the rain on the roof with a nice blanket around you and heat cushion in the back? Our heating products are available in 3 beautiful natural shades; grey, taupe and green. We have put together great combo deals for you, so you will have a nice matching set this summer.

Washable garden cushions

Outdoor cushions
The outdoor blanket of The.Plaid and the covers of our heated decorative cushions The.Pillow and The.Wrap can be washed in the washing machine. Very convenient when you go camping or use the products outside in the garden or on the boat. Simply wash the outer covers at 30 degrees. Just don’t put them in the dryer, but hang them on the washing line. That way you will enjoy them the longest and, once washed, they will be just as soft as before.


Wireless heating blanket


Heated pillow


Electric (wireless) hot bottle

Multicoloured garden lights

Want to complete the picture? Then take a look at our outdoor lighting. The design lamps feature multi-coloured LED lights and Bluetooth. Via your phone, you can easily set the lamps to the desired colour. From beautifully modest warm white to azure blue or candy pink. Almost all our lamps have a built-in bluetooth speaker. So you can play your own playlist, too. And did you know that all these lamps can pair with each other? Create the same sound and light in every corner of the garden!

Atmospheric garden parties
Imagine. A chilled wine in our wine coolers with music, nice company and a nice wireless infrared heat blanket for when night falls. What more do you need!