How do I take care of my powerbank?

Tips & Tricks

Do you own one of our heat products? Then read on! We often get questions about the use of the powerbank that comes with it. In order to enjoy your purchase as long as possible, we have put together some information and useful tips.

To make sure you can enjoy each heating product for a long time, the capacity of the powerbank has been adapted to the product. After all, our blankets have more heating elements than our pillows, such as The.Wrap, due to their size. For example, with The.Plaid Original we supply a powerbank of no less than 20,000 mAh and with The.Wrap a 10,000 mAh battery. Here we have taken into account that 2/3 of the capacity is lost during power conversion with charging and due to the heat it gives off. This applies to any powerbank.

You can positively influence the life of your battery by charging it before it is completely empty. Storing a completely empty battery over a long period of time can lead to the battery becoming completely unresponsive over time. The advice is therefore to use and recharge your powerbank once every 3 months. When a battery is not used for a long time, there is a chance that it will be pushed out of its casing. Then the powerbank can no longer be used. Good to know when the summer months arrive and you might want to store your heat product. Although, in our chilly little country, there are plenty of chilly summer nights to enjoy your heat blanket or pillow.

Using it completely empty is not good, but neither is recharging it too quickly. Do this only when the battery is below 70%. Once on the charger, do not leave the powerbank plugged in when it is fully charged. This really can happen once, but keep it an exception.

A bump
It can happen, the powerbank slips out of your hands and falls to the ground. The battery cells can take a beating, but the casing usually cannot. It shifts, leaving you unable to plug in the usb, or the powerbank generates heat even when unplugged. If so, stop using your powerbank and check that it is well ventilated. A little heat is not bad, but too hot is not good. If in doubt, always contact us.

We already mentioned that it is good to use and recharge the powerbank once every 3 months. This does not have to be done completely, somewhere between 30 and 70% is sufficient. If you store the powerbank, do so in a place around 15 degrees. Powerbanks cannot withstand extreme heat or cold. You will also see that when it gets very cold, some of the powerbank’s performance is lost.


Still problems
You have followed all of the above well, but still experience problems. We will explain this too.

  • The powerbank does not charge
    If the powerbank is properly connected and the cables are in the inputs and the powerbank does not charge, it could be that the charging cable is broken. Charging requires a lot of power and a good charging cable without breaks is important. Try charging with a different cable and see if this works. The use of the adapter is also important. Use a 5V/2A adapter.
  • The powerbank charges slowly
    High-capacity powerbanks take a long time to fully charge. If you feel it takes a really long time, use another charging source, preferably a wall socket. Older powerbanks do tend to charge more slowly than new ones due to frequent use.
  • The powerbank gets warm while charging
    It is quite normal for a powerbank to give off a little heat. When a powerbank gets very hot, there may be a problem with it. Make sure the powerbank is well ventilated while charging. Preferably, do not leave the powerbank on during use because they will be hidden in a room that is too hot in the case of our heat blankets and heat pads. If the problem persists, please contact us. Safety is important and when in doubt, we are happy to help.