About us

Who is Nikki.Amsterdam?

The perfect atmosphere

Nikki.Amsterdam enjoys bringing people together and prefers to create those moments that will not soon be forgotten. Deliciously soft infrared heat products and beautiful innovative drink coolers (also lighting and bluetooth speaker) lend a helping hand. So we keep you nice and warm when you need to be and give that little extra touch of ambiance during a party or nice moments together!


In 2017, Nikki.Amsterdam introduced The.Lampion (a wine cooler, bluetooth speaker and lampion in 1) very successfully at home and abroad. A whole series of “lighting products” followed swiftly, all of which give that little bit extra during a party or get-together.


To make the moments together even more enjoyable, The.Plaid, a teddy-soft wireless heating blanket, was introduced in 2021. Good for the environment and your wallet, because using our heating products means you can turn down the heat just a degree. Besides the heating blanket, several matching heating pads are available. Each with their own specific properties. So we can really talk about two separate “lines” with both “heating” and “lighting” products.


We love convenience and multifunctionality. Our best examples are The.Lampion (drinks cooler, lighting and music box) and The.Wrap (heated seat cushion, hand warmer and hot water bottle). Both products combine no less than 3 functions. We love that. Innovation in a nice jacket!

The strength of Nikki.Amsterdam
As a relatively small company, Nikki.Amsterdam has managed to hold its own among “the violence” of the big players for quite a few years now. The strength lies not only in innovative, high-quality products but, in our opinion, also in the personal approach. Service is very important to us. As a small team, we switch quickly. So if something unexpected goes wrong, we solve it quickly. And that is appreciated. Not only by the wonderful reviews we receive, but also by the number of customers who return to us or recommend us to others. And we are quite a bit proud of that!


Nikki.Amsterdam designs and produces its own products. Products are delivered to customers directly from our own warehouse. So no intervention by other parties. This gives us a good insight into the quality of our products and keeps our prices competitive.


Well-considered choices are important to us. That is why we only produce products that last and pay attention to the packaging we use. We encourage our customers to make conscious choices in order to reduce returns. We do this by providing extensive and confusing product information, by setting clear expectations and by being easy to reach for questions. That not only sounds logical, but it is!