Every product deserves a second chance!


The refurbished collection consists of designer lighting, heating blankets – and cushions that deserve a second chance! A returned product, a product out of its packaging or a repaired product. A shame not to do anything with it. For this reason, we now offer them (as) new at discounts of up to 35%. Of course, we have fully checked and tested them for functionality, hygiene and safety. As with our other products, you get a 2-year warranty.

The.Plaid Original Refurbished

This refurbished wireless heated infrared blanket (150 x 130 cm) ensures that you will never be cold again. The 8 heat elements in the inner blanket have 3 heat settings and heat the blanket up to 45˚C! Comes complete with 20.000 mAh power bank for up to 10 hours of heat!

From €149 for €119!

The.Pillow Refurbished

These refurbished wireless heated garden cushions (60 x 45 CM) with a firm filling and thickness of up to 18 cm provide wonderful warmth on your lap or back. The 4 heating elements are evenly distributed on 1 side of the cushion, so the whole surface is well warmed. The elements have 3 heat settings and heat the cushion up to 45 °C! The powerful battery of up to 16.000 mAh gives you up to 14 hours of cushion enjoyment.

From €119 for €89!

The.Wrap Refurbished

The.Wrap Refurbished (55 x 40 cm) is a refurbished infrared heated pillow with 3 functions. You use The.Wrap mainly as a seat cushion, but also as a heated jug or hand warmer. You do this by simply folding the cushion and securing it with a zip. The.Wrap has 2 heating elements in the middle of the wireless cushion and a 10.000 mAh battery. This warms you up to 14 hours. Here you have the choice between 3 heat settings that heat up to 45 °C!

From €89 for €69!

The.Bowl Refurbished

The.Bowl Refurbished (second chance!) is the big brother of The.Lampion. This lampion features a built-in bluetooth speaker and multi-coloured lighting. In addition, it can cool as many as 12 bottles, ideal for parties and celebrations! It is the absolute eye-catcher at any party with as high a wannahave level as its predecessor.

From €399 for €249!

The.Pouf Refurbished

The.Pouf Refurbished likes to be used as an element to sit on, but it also functions perfectly as a footstool or side table! This multifunctional pouf is ideal for placing next to your lounge set in the garden! The multicoloured lighting and the presence of a good bluetooth speaker make The.Pouf a great addition to The.Family. Download our free app for very easy control of light and sound and create your own sound system by linking our products.

From €249 for €199!