What fabric are the blankets made of?

Our heating blankets are made of Teddy Fleece, more commonly known as polyester. To this is added Spandex, which makes the fabric stretchy but also returns to its own shape easily. It is also known as elastane. It helps make clothes and fabrics more comfortable because it can stretch and adjust to your body. Thanks to the combination of the two fabrics, our heat products are immensely soft, nice and light and retain heat well. In addition, the combination ensures that the fabrics do not wrinkle.

Can I redeem the remaining amount on my gift card in cash?

No the gift card can only be redeemed when buying one of our products.

I have different amounts in my head to give. Is this possible?

This is only possible with a purchase of 20 pieces or more or with an amount above €150. We ask you to send an e-mail to sales@nikki.amsterdam.

Where can I redeem The.Gift Card?

The gift card is only redeemable on our own site www.nikki.amsterdam.

How long is The.Gift Card valid?

The gift card is valid up to 2 years from the date of issue.

Can I purchase several gift vouchers at once?

Yes, this is possible. Just go to the order page. From 20 cards onwards, a discount applies and we can personalise the card if required. Mail us at sales@nikki.amsterdam and ask about the possibilities.

Can I add something personal to the card?

This is possible. There is space on the back of the card to write down a personal text. Would you like to send The.Gift Card directly to the recipient? Send an e-mail to sales@nikki.amsterdam with your order number and the text and we will write it down for you!

Can I also have The.Gift Card sent to someone?

Yes, this is possible. You can choose your own shipping address.

How does The.Gift Card work?

You choose a card of €25, €50, €75, €100 or €150. We will send you a gift card with a code. This code counts as a discount code that can be entered on the checkout page.

How do I ensure the longest lifespan of The.Powerbank?

Ideally, you should use The.Powerbank until it is completely empty and then fully charge it until all 4 lights are on. Use a 5V/2A adapter.

It is important that when the The.Powerbank is not used for an extended period of time, it should be charged from time to time. We recommend doing this once every 3 to 6 months. This is because when a Li-ion battery is completely empty and not used for a long time, there is a chance that it will reverse polarity and the battery will be pushed out of the casing. The battery can then no longer be used.