General terms and conditions

  1. You participate in a win action by reacting to a message on the social media channels of Nikki.Amsterdam and/or by filling in a registration form on the website of Nikki.Amsterdam.
  2. Only persons of 18 years and older are entitled to participate in a win action
  3. There are no costs associated with participation.
  4. Personal data of participants will not be released to third parties.
  5. Personal data of participants will only be used internally for newsletter subscriptions.
  6. Through the social media channels and if applicable, the duration of the promotion as well as the date of the announcement of the winners will be communicated.
  7. The winner will receive a personal message from us and may be mentioned in announcements via our social media channels.
  8. The winner will be chosen by lottery.
  9. If unlawful participation or fraud is suspected, Nikki.Amsterdam may decide to exclude individuals.
  10. Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or other items from our collection.
  11. If a product won is unexpectedly out of stock, the prize will be awarded at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Correspondence about the results is not possible.
  13. Nikki.Amsterdam can decide to change or cancel the terms and conditions without giving any reason.
  14. Only participants who have won will receive a personal message.
  15. Discount offers will not be announced in advance.
  16. It is not possible to receive a discount retroactively on products already purchased.