Valentine's campaign

Would you like to be our Valentine?


For those who want to (get) big, we have a wonderful Valentine’s offer on The.Plaid! The.Plaid loose is now available at a 10% discount. And if you buy two at once (The.Plaid Duo), you will even receive a 14% discount.

Rather have a drink together? The.Lampion is now also reduced in price! Check out our Valentine’s offers below!


This wireless heated blanket (150 x 130 cm) ensures that you will never be cold again. The 8 heating elements in the inner blanket have 3 settings and heat the blanket up to 45˚C! Especially for Valentine’s Day, our plaids are extra attractively priced.

From €149,- for €134,-!

The.Plaid Duo

The.Plaid Duo is a package of 2 lovely warming blankets in the colour Taupe. Now temporarily available at a discount of 14%. This means a discount of no less than €42 per set! A power bank (available separately for €59.95) is included with both blankets. A super Valentine’s idea that you can really enjoy all year round, even during chilly summer nights!

From €298,- for €256,-!

Also nice to give

Rather enjoy a drink together? Our lanterns are always a hit. These wine coolers not only provide you with a cold drink, but also come with a powerful speaker and lighting. What more could you want? Now reduced in price!

Surprising your love with something different?

We have something for everyone!