Return conditions

  • 30-day reflection period
    After receiving your product, you have 30 days to view and try the product and, if necessary, return it. This means that you carefully remove the product from its packaging and install it. Then you can look at it, feel it and test it. Do not use the product more than is necessary to evaluate it properly. Within this period the product may be returned to us without giving reasons (for reporting returns; see the FAQ ”reporting returns”). The 30-day trial period only applies to consumer orders, companies cannot claim this.


  • Product return in original packaging
    As far as possible, the packaging should remain undamaged so that the product can be returned in (nearly) its original condition if it is not satisfactory.


  • Product returned undamaged
    We assume that a product is not tested longer than necessary in order to assess the product properly. And that the product is handled carefully, so that the product can be returned undamaged, without traces of use, in case you do not like it.


  • Refund
    Upon receipt of your return the amount excluding shipping costs will be refunded to you within 14 working days using the same method as the amount was received by us upon purchase. That you want to test the product before you decide to keep it is quite logical for us. It is also a matter of course for us that you treat the packaging properly. We ask you to return it in its original packaging. This way we can be sure that the product is well packed and unnecessary damage in transit is avoided. The risk of shipping lies with you as the sender. In case the product is damaged and/or contains traces of use, we reserve the right to deduct costs from the amount to be refunded.
Category: Guarantee and Returns