How does The.Plaid work?

Infrared heating technology is used, more specifically FIR (Far Infra Red). This is a long wave infrared that starts to warm up in the deeper layers of the body. Your body temperature rises and you get wonderfully warm while the air around you stays cold. In The.Plaid there are 8 heat elements divided over the blanket in 2 rows of 3 and 1 row of 2.

The heat emitted by the 8 heat elements reaches up to 65˚C at the highest (red) setting. This has been extensively tested using heat meters. It takes about 10–15 minutes before this heat is reached. However, the heat you will experience will be around 45˚C (about 8˚C warmer than your own body temperature) for 2 reasons;

  • The original heat is reduced by the thickness of the fabric, so the heat you experience is lower. We have consciously chosen for this because we want to deliver a carpet that not only looks nice, but is also wonderfully soft and has some “body”.
  • Unlike, for example, a heating pad, The.Plaid is more loose around you and there is no direct contact with the radiation.
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