How do I activate The.Diffuser without using the app?

First of all you need to put The.Adapter DC at the bottom of The.Diffuser. Then add 200ml of what’s left (don’t use water that’s warmer than 45oC). As soon as the water is in The.Diffuser, you can add 2-3 drops of oil. When The.Diffuser is filled with water and the drops of oil you can turn the top of it.

Now that The.Diffuser is almost ready for use, we can continue with the installation. Press the “MIST” button briefly on the back of the product if you want to set a timer (1/3 hours). Do you want to control the strength of the spray? Then press and hold the “MIST” button for over 5 seconds.

The last step is as follows. Press the ”LIGHT” button to turn on the LED light. The colour changes automatically. Do you want The.Diffuser to stay on one color? Then click on the “LIGHT” button again.

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