I can’t connect to The.Bowl via Bluetooth.

Make sure that the Bluetooth of other nearby devices is turned off. You can connect to our products with one device at a time.

The light is flickering and/or the music of The.Bowl is crackling, what can I do about it?

Make sure your product is fully charged. Please refer to the product specifications on our site to see how long it takes for your product to be fully charged. If the problem persists, please contact our service department at service@nikki.amsterdam.

Can I turn off the music of one of The.Bowls while the light stays on?

Yes, this is possible. You can turn off the music of one or more of the linked products by quickly pressing the on/off button of these products. However, the light will stay on and give the same colour as the main product. If you want to turn off a device completely, press and hold the on/off button for longer.

What is the maximum distance between the paired devices?

The maximum distance between the paired products is 15 meters. Make sure that the main product is always in the middle. The signal is transmitted from this product.

Obstacles between products may affect sound quality. This also applies to the presence of common sources of interference such as other wireless devices, microwaves and other equipment.

Can all LED products from Nikki.Amsterdam be connected to each other?

Only The.Ball and The.Diffuser cannot be connected to the other Led products from Nikki.Amsterdam. These products do not work via Bluetooth (and do not have a music function) so this is excluded. If you have several copies of The.Ball in your possession, you can connect them to each other. You can control The.Ball via the supplied remote.

The other products can all be connected to each other, so that you can create the desired sound and light in every corner.

How do I connect multiple The.Bowls?

Once you have connected the first product to your phone or other device, you can turn on the other products one by one. Each of them takes over the colour and music of the first product. The first product remains the main device, and you can only control the music and colour from this device.

How do I connect The.Bowl to my phone or other device?

Make sure The.Bowl is fully charged. Activate the product using the on/off button. You can turn on your bluetooth via settings. The product appears on the screen. By clicking on it you can make a connection with the device. Once you have downloaded the Nikki.Amsterdam app (free), you can use this app to stream your own music and change the colours. You can also create your own music list directly via a streaming service of your choice.

Attention! It is not possible to connect multiple devices (telephone, tablet, etc.) to your Nikki.Amsterdam product at the same time. If you want to connect another device to your product, make sure that the Bluetooth of the first paired device is switched off.

Check out our video for an explanation!