Are all parts of The.Ball waterproof?

No, not all parts are watertight. It is recommended to remove the leather handle and screws when you let The.Ball float in the water. After some time, the screws may start to rust slightly. In addition, you should always close the charging port with the plastic cap.

Can you operate The.Ball with the Nikki.Amsterdam app?

No, only products with a speaker can be controlled with the app. The.Ball has no speaker function. A remote control is included to control the light.

Can you play music with The.Ball?

No, you can’t. The.Ball is fully water resistant and can therefore remain stuck in the pouring rain or float in the water. This is not compatible with the use of a speaker.

The.Ball’s light flickers, what can I do about it?

The.Ball, like all our products, uses a Low Battery Indicator. When you hear a high pitched beep or the light starts flickering, make sure you fully charge your product. The product specifications on our site show you how long it takes for your product to be fully charged. If the problem is not solved after this, please contact our service department via

What is the maximum distance between the linked products?

The maximum distance between the coupled products is 15 meters. Make sure that the main product is always in the middle. The signal is sent from this product.

Obstacles between products may affect the sound quality. This also applies to the presence of common sources of interference such as other wireless devices, microwaves and other equipment.

Can all LED products from Nikki.Amsterdam be connected to each other?

Only The.Ball and The.Diffuser cannot be connected to the other Led products from Nikki.Amsterdam. These products do not work via Bluetooth (and do not have a music function) so this is excluded. If you have several copies of The.Ball in your possession, you can connect them to each other. You can control The.Ball via the supplied remote.

The other products can all be connected to each other, so that you can create the desired sound and light in every corner.

How do I connect multiple The.Balls?

When you have turned on the first product using The.Remote, you can turn on the other The.Balls one by one. Each of them takes over the colour of the first product. The first product remains the main device, you can only adjust the color via this device.