How do I use the app for Apple?

Here you can easily see how to download and use the app for IOS devices.

How do I use the app for Android?

How unfortunate to hear that you have experienced problems with our app. We therefore recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Install the latest software update on your phone or tablet (IOS and Android). Click here to download the Android app!
  2. Remove the app from your phone and the corresponding Bluetooth names (nikki, Nikki.AMSTERDAM The.Lampion etc.).
  3. Open the link from step 1 and download the app.
  4. When the app asks for your location, click on ”always allow”. We are unable to obtain information from the location facilities, so your privacy is not compromised.
  5. Please try again to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and connect to the Nikki.Amsterdam product.
  6. Then you can open the app and control both light and sound.

Note: Make sure that other Bluetooth devices (that are near your nikki product) are also turned off. If you have more than one Nikki product, only connect to one product. If you then turn on the other products, they will automatically take over the light and sound.