Synchronized Glow & Sound!

Double the Brilliance, Double the Beats

The.Twins X Lampion

With The.Twins X Lampion, you’ll have double the fun! The lanterns synchronise with each other. So you create the same sound and light in every corner. When ordering The. Twins, you receive not 1 but 2 lanterns and you also get a nice discount! This way, you cool several bottles at once and create an extra fun atmosphere!

Using the free app, you stream your own music and give the lanterns the colour you want. The effect is great and success guaranteed! Choose the size that suits you below and let’s get the party started!

The.Twins S

From €298,- for €279,-!

The.Twins M

From €358,- for €339,-!

The.Twins L

From €458,- for €439,-!

The.Twins X Twilight

With The.Twins Twilight you’ll have double the fun! You receive not 1, but 2 of these fun lights and you also get a nice discount! Do you choose the basic variant The. Twilight with just lights or go for the The.Twilight Tune with also a Bluetooth speaker? Make your choice below and get them soon!

The. Twilight has a height of 28 cm and can be used wirelessly. Fully charged, the light burns for up to 10 hours. Great for camping, in the garden or under the veranda!

The.Twins Twilight

From €138,- for €119,-!

The.Twins Twilight Tune

From €198,- for €179,-!