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3 lovely warmth products in 1 package at a discount of more than 15%. The Plaid, The Pillow and The Wrap in green, taupe or grey. This will warm you up nicely and you can also do someone else a favour.

Lovely during the cooler summer days and perfect for when it really gets colder. The heater can be turned down a degree, because our heating products do not heat the environment, but only you. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet!

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The.Triple Treat

  • The.Pillow/The.Plaid/The.Wrap
  • Available in colours Green, Taupe and Grey
  • Infrared heating elements
  • Can be used wirelessly
  • Easy to take with you
  • Washable
  • With safety plug

Our sustainable heating products are not only energy-efficient, but also wonderfully soft. Using infrared radiation, they can also provide relief for aching muscles. Snuggle up under our blanket and let the warmth do its work.

The two pillows, The.Pillow and The.Wrap, each have their own properties. The.Pillow is a bit more padded and great for sitting against at an angle or snuggling under your arms. The.Wrap is somewhat thinner and therefore very nice to sit on or place in your back or neck. Moreover, you can easily roll it inwards or outwards and use the pillow as a hand warmer or hot water bottle. So you have not 3 but actually 5 products in the house!


Using it is easy. The rechargeable battery allows you to use the blanket completely wirelessly. It is attached to the inside of the blanket via a cable with the heating elements. The temperature can be set on 3 positions, so you can regulate your ideal temperature yourself. The first setting regulates a temperature of 35˚C, the highest setting 45˚C. Fully charged, The.Plaid gives up to 10 hours of wonderful warmth. The battery is equipped with an input to also charge a phone.


A cup of tea, Netflix and a super soft blanket that is big enough to crawl under. Sounds like an ideal evening on the couch, right? You are nicely warmed up and the thermostat can be set one degree lower. Sustainable and good for your wallet. One degree less means 6% less greenhouse gases! And heating less means lower heating costs. Not only the environment, but also you will be happy.


Our heat blanket not only gives you a comfortable feeling, but is also good for your health. If you suffer from stiffness, chronic pain or muscle fatigue, The.Plaid can definitely help. The heating blanket is equipped with infrared heating elements that increase blood circulation. This ensures relaxation of the muscles and joints which relieves the pain. The size of the blanket allows you to wrap yourself comfortably in it, so that the back of the body can also be properly warmed. Lovely after sports or if you have a sore neck or lower back.


This blanket with a very high cuddliness factor is super soft and therefore wonderful for your skin. The.Plaid consists of an inner and outer blanket which are attached to each other with ribbons. The outer blanket is machine washable. With the button in the leather label you can adjust the desired temperature.



Infrared heating technology is used, more specifically FIR (Far Infra Red). This is a long wave infrared that starts to warm up in the deeper layers of the body. Your body temperature rises and you get wonderfully warm while the air around you stays cold. In The.Plaid there are 8 heat elements divided over the blanket in 2 rows of 3 and 1 row of 2.

The heat emitted by the 8 heat elements reaches up to 65˚C at the highest (red) setting. This has been extensively tested using heat meters. It takes about 10–15 minutes before this heat is reached. However, the heat you will experience will be around 45˚C (about 8˚C warmer than your own body temperature) for 2 reasons;

  • The original heat is reduced by the thickness of the fabric, so the heat you experience is lower. We have consciously chosen for this because we want to deliver a carpet that not only looks nice, but is also wonderfully soft and has some “body”.
  • Unlike, for example, a heating pad, The.Plaid is more loose around you and there is no direct contact with the radiation.
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First, fully charge the included powerbank. There is a pocket in the inner blanket where you can put the powerbank and connect it to the blanket. Caution! This pouch should only be used when wet and/or outdoors! Press the button on the outside of the blanket for 3 seconds.

Category: The.Plaid

It takes about 10 minutes for The.Plaid to fully warm up. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds (it will ”fade” into red colour while heating up) and after 10 minutes it will automatically switch to the blue colour. Then by briefly pressing the button again, it will switch to your preferred heat setting.

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The.Plaid has 3 settings;
Red: 40-45˚C
Blue: 38-40˚C
Green: 35-38˚C

Category: The.Plaid

Only the outer blanket can be machine washed at 30˚C. The inner blanket is attached to the outer blanket with 4 loops and can be easily removed. The on/off button is carefully pushed out of the label. The label itself can just go into the washing machine and cannot be detached from the outer blanket.

Finished washing? Gently push the on and off button back into the ring without any dust coming along.

Do not put the outer blanket in the dryer.

Category: The.Plaid

Yes, all our heat products are safe to use and CE approved. The power bank is equipped with overheating protection. The moment it gets too hot, the battery will automatically switch off.

We do not recommend the use of our products by the following persons; persons who are hypersensitive to heat and persons who cannot react to overheating. Persons with physical or mental disabilities are discouraged from using the product unless supervised by someone responsible for their safety.

Children under 3 years of age are also not recommended to use the product as they are not able to react well to overheating. Children over 3 years old up to an age of 10 are advised to use the product only on the lowest setting and always under adult supervision.

Our heat products can be used during pregnancy, but we do not recommend using the products around the abdomen. Persons with heart problems are advised to seek advice on the use of heat products from their medical specialist before use.

Do not fall asleep with the heat products. The user may suffer heat stroke or burns.

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Whether someone finds something comfortably warm is of course different for each individual. It also makes a difference whether you sit with The.Plaid in front of the fireplace or outside on the veranda in autumn. Experience is therefore very important.

The.Plaid has 3 heat settings;

  • Green; 35 – 38˚C
  • Blue; 38 – 40˚C
  • Red; 40 – 45˚C

To determine whether The.Plaid does what it needs to do, turn it on for 20 minutes to allow it to warm up properly. Then place your hand on the inner blanket and press one of the heating elements. You should feel a difference where one of the heating elements is located.

If this is not the case, check the following;

  • Is the cable from the inner blanket properly connected to The.Powerbank?
    Check this by (re)connecting the cable to The.Powerbank. When the button on the outer blanket starts flashing, this is working.
  • If this does not happen, check whether The.Powerbank shows any lights. If not, it needs to be charged. The.Powerbank is fully charged when all 4 lights are lit.
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When you switch off The.Plaid, but leave the cable connected to The.Powerbank, the button will blink from time to time. This means that The.Plaid is in stand-by mode.

Category: The.Plaid

We assume that everyone has one or more 5V/2A power strips at home for charging purposes nowadays. For that reason and for environmental reasons, we have chosen not to supply them.

Category: The.Plaid

It is not a problem to sit or lie on The.Plaid. The heating elements in the inner blanket can withstand this.

Category: The.Plaid

The.Powerbank’s charging cord is very short, making it very difficult to use The.Plaid/Pillow while charging The.Powerbank.

Categories: The.Pillow, The.Plaid

When you buy The.Plaid/Pillow from us, included. You don’t pay anything extra for this.

Categories: The.Pillow, The.Plaid

The.Powerbank is available from us separately. It is supplied free of charge with the purchase of The.Plaid/Pillow.

Categories: The.Pillow, The.Plaid

The silicone on/off button can be pressed out of the blanket (aluminium ring) so that the outside is also washable. It can happen that the button is pressed in a wrong way or too stiff (in that case it will not work properly).

We recommend you to push the button out and to push it back in again with care.

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The.Plaid does not consume any wattage. The.Plaid is not connected to the mains.

Charging The.Powerbank (included with The.Plaid), on the other hand, uses 0.075 KWh, which comes down to about €0,25 a time (depending on your energy contract, of course).

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Our heating blankets are made of Teddy Fleece, more commonly known as polyester. To this is added Spandex, which makes the fabric stretchy but also returns to its own shape easily. It is also known as elastane. It helps make clothes and fabrics more comfortable because it can stretch and adjust to your body. Thanks to the combination of the two fabrics, our heat products are immensely soft, nice and light and retain heat well. In addition, the combination ensures that the fabrics do not wrinkle.

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When you have washed the outer blanket and you want to put it back on the inner blanket, pay attention to the following. Make sure you tie the 4 loops of the inner blanket, tightly to the outer blanket. If you do not do this, the on/off button may detach from the label. When tucking the on/off button back in (in the outer blanket’s label), make sure there is no piece of fabric in between.

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Yes you can. The.Powerbank is equipped with 2 USB ports, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Category: The.Powerbank

The.Powerbank is suitable for all mobile phones, laptops, tablets and of course the Nikki.Amsterdam products.

Category: The.Powerbank

To charge the powerbank, make sure you use the right plug, namely a 2 amp / 5 volt plug (this is often indicated on the charging block itself.).

Category: The.Powerbank

The.Powerbank is full when all 4 lights are on.

Category: The.Powerbank

It is best to use a 5V/2A plug. Plugs with a higher power rating will reduce the lifespan of The.Powerbank.

*Please note! Our own adapter DC and/or MicroUSB are not suitable for charging The.Powerbank. 

Category: The.Powerbank

Ideally, you should use The.Powerbank until it is completely empty and then fully charge it until all 4 lights are on. Use a 5V/2A adapter.

It is important that when the The.Powerbank is not used for an extended period of time, it should be charged from time to time. We recommend doing this once every 3 to 6 months. This is because when a Li-ion battery is completely empty and not used for a long time, there is a chance that it will reverse polarity and the battery will be pushed out of the casing. The battery can then no longer be used.

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