The.Lampion Original 35


The.Lampion Original is your new partner during those moments that make life so enjoyable! This elegantly designed lampion offers three functionalities; lamp, speaker and (wine) cooler and is therefore a welcome guest at a cosy dinner, relaxing boat trip or outdoor gathering at the terrace in your garden or elsewhere. Download our own app, so you can connect all your products with each other. Let’s get the party started!

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Size Table

The.Lampion Original 35 van Nikki.Amsterdam - Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Wijnkoeler The.Lampion Original 50 van Nikki.Amsterdam - Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Wijnkoeler The.Lampion Original 65 van Nikki.Amsterdam - Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Wijnkoeler
Length 25 33 42
Width 25 33 42
Height 43 57 70
Diameter 35 50 65
Bottle Capacity 1 1 2
1-2 working days
Price excl. shipping costs

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With the Bluetooth function you can easily connect your phone or other device to your wannahave. Choose your own playlist or favorite radio station and enjoy a high-quality sound. Watch the music play! Use the Nikki.Amsterdam app to stream your music even easier.


We love to connect. Create even more atmosphere by connecting different Nikki.Amsterdam products. This way you have the same sound and light in every desired angle. That must be fun!

Battery life

Your wannahave comes with a cable to charge. After this, the use is completely wireless and you create the atmosphere where you want it. In the garden, on the terrace, the boat or in the park!

Wine cooler

The drinks deliciously cooled and music in the background. What else do you want? Fill the waterproof recess in the middle with ice (water) and your wannahave is ready for use.

Warm light

Durable LED lighting with a even distribution of warm white. The use of the Nikki.Amsterdam app or the supplied remote makes operation very easy.


Download our own app for every device. The app allows you to play the music you want and switch colors if you like. The download link of the app is available in our FAQ.

Full color lamp

  • Top quality Brazilian leather
  • Material: Aluminium and Polyethylene
  • Size: 25 X 25 X 43 cm
  • Weight: NW/GW 1.45/1.9 kg
  • Battery: 3600 mAh
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 TI, 15 cm
  • Speaker: 4Ω, 5W
  • Adaptor: Micro USB Port 5V, 1A
  • LED light: 10pcs, 2W
  • Input AC: 110-240V
  • Output: 5.0V/2A
  • Working time: Up to 6 hours
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Remote: No
  • Nikki.Amsterdam app: Yes
  • SYNC-Function: Yes

Bluetooth speaker & cooler

The.Lampion Original is equipped with a built-in bluetooth speaker. Simply stream your favourite music from your smartphone or other device and enjoy the high-quality audio. Nikki.Amsterdam provides a very user-friendly app with which you can easily operate the products. The watertight, recessed space in the centre of the lampion offers the possibility to cool your wine or other drinks with ice. The soft tone LED lightning gives a warm light which enhances the elegant appearance of this beautiful lampion. A great addition to any modern home!

The.Lampion Original is equipped with an A-quality leather handle which creates a very elegant look. Whether you use The.Lampion for its audio, the light, the cooler or as a flower pot, we assure you will not regret your purchase.

Using high-quality materials is characteristic for Nikki.Amsterdam, now and in the future. The.Lampion Original is available in three different sizes, The.Lampion Original 35, The.Lampion Original 50 and The.Lampion Original 65.

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Product information

Make sure your product is fully charged.  Activate the product via the on/off button. You switch on your product via settings. The product appears on the screen. By clicking on it you connect to the device (telephone, tablet,..). When you have downloaded the Nikki.Amsterdam app (free of charge) you can steram your own music or change colors via this app. You can also compile your own music list directly via a streamingservice of your choice.

Pay attention! It is not possible to connect multiple devices to your Nikki.Amsterdam product at the same time. When you want to connect another device to your product, make sure the bluetooth of the first paired device is switched off.

Check out our video for an explanation!

When you have connected the first product to your telephone or other device, you can switch on the other products one by one. Each of them takes over the color and music of the first product. The first product remains the main device, you can only control the music and the color via this device.

Yes, this is possible. You can switch off the music of one or more linked products by quickly pressing the on/off button of these products. The light remains on and gives the same color as the main product. If you want to turn off a device completely, hold down the on/ off button for longer.

The maximum distance between the linked products is 15 meters. Make sure that the main product is always in the middle. The signal is transmitted from this product.

Obstacles between products may affect sound quality. This also applies to the presence of common sources of interference such as other wireless devices, microwaves and other equipment.

Only The.Ball and The.Diffuser cannot be connected to the other Led products of Nikki.Amsterdam. These products do not work via Bluetooth (and do not have a music function) so this is excluded. If you have several copies of The.Ball in your possession, you can connect them to each other. You can control The.Ball via the supplied remote.

The other products can all be connected to each other, so that you can create the desired sound and light in every corner.

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