The.Gift Twilight


Are you looking for a gift that is just a little bit different from all the others? Do you really want to surprise someone? Something that will make someone really happy? We have put together the perfect gift. A nostalgic table lamp, a good bottle of rosé, a cold pack to cool the bottle and a beautiful drinks board. We’ve also thought of some sweets; the toffees from Amsterdam Branie are truly the most delicious! This gift will also be a hit with your neighbour, your colleague, your husband or whoever you want to pamper.

  • 2x The.Twilight (€138)
    A waterproof nostalgic table lamp with multi-coloured lighting!
  • The.Board Rubberwood S (€69)
    A beautiful handmade serving board with buffalo leather handles.
  • The.Cooler (€18,95)
    Put it in the freezer first and then put the bottle in for opitual enjoyment!
  • Bottle of Amsterdam Rosé (€6,95)
  • Amsterdam Brandy Toffees (€3,95)

This will save you €47,85!

Size Table

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The.Gift Twilight

  • 2x The.Twilight
  • The.Board Rubberwood Small
  • The.Cooler
  • Bottle of Rosé
  • Amsterdam Brandy Toffees

The.Perfect Gift

With The.Twilight and its beautiful matching drinks board, the preconditions for a pleasant evening are in any case perfectly in place. The.Twilight is a waterproof and multicoloured design table lamp. Dimmed, warm white, a little colour, even disco for when it gets really cosy! We bet this gift will be a hit!

Looking for an even more extensive package? Feel free to call us on +31 (0)23 205 2307 or email us at Also when 1 package is not enough we will gladly help you on this page!

Multicolor light

Durable Multicolor LED lighting with a nice even distribution of light. Warm white or multicolor, the choice is yours! There is a colour for every atmosphere. Let the colours skip to the beat of the music, in a quiet fade mode or choose a single colour. The use of the remote makes operation very easy. Create the atmosphere you want!


Your wannahave comes with a cable to charge. After this, the use is completely wireless and you create the atmosphere where you want it. In the garden, on the terrace, the boat or in the park!


Almost all parts are waterproof. However, you will need to close the charging port at all times with the plastic cap provided.



When you have switched on the first product with The.Remote , you can switch on the other Twilights one by one. These will all take on the colour of the first product. The first product remains the main device, you can only control the colour from this device.

Category: The.Twilight

Only The.Twilight, The.Ball and The.Diffuser cannot be connected with the other Led products of Nikki.Amsterdam. These products don’t work through Bluetooth (and don’t have a music function) so this is excluded. If you own several copies of The.Twilight, you can connect them with each other. You can operate The.Twilight via the supplied remote control.

The other products can all be connected to each other so that you can create the desired sound and light in every corner.

Category: The.Twilight

The maximum distance between linked products is 15 metres. Make sure that the main product is always in the middle. The signal is sent from this product.

Obstacles between the products can affect the sound quality. This also applies to the presence of common sources of interference such as other wireless devices, microwave ovens and other equipment.

Category: The.Twilight

The.Twilight, like all our products, uses a Low Battery Indicator. When you hear a high pitched beep, or the light starts to flicker, make sure you fully charge your product. In the product specifications on our site, you can see how long it takes for your product to fully charge. If the problem persists, please contact our service department at

Category: The.Twilight

No, it cannot. This is because the.Twilight is completely water resistant and can therefore be left hanging in the pouring rain or float in the water. This is not compatible with using a speaker. The.Twilight Tune on the other hand is equipped with a bluetooth speaker!

Category: The.Twilight

No, only products with a speaker can be controlled with the app. The.Twilight does not have a speaker function. A remote control is included to operate the light.

Category: The.Twilight

Almost all parts are waterproof. However, you should always close the charging port with the plastic cap provided.

Category: The.Twilight


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