The.Board Rubberwood S


Nikki.Amsterdam loves a party! And of course a party is not complete without snacks. Our new The.Board is handmade out of Rubberwood. Besides the beautiful handmade design of The.Board and the ability to easily serve snacks and drinks, this The.Board has an extra function! This board can also be used in the kitchen for cutting. In short, a new product with an additional use. Ideal for parties, or just while cooking.

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The.Board Rubberwood S van Nikki.Amsterdam is handgemaakt en kan gebruikt worden als serveer- en snijplank the-board-rubberwood-l-serving-plate-cutting-board-nikki-amsterdam
Length 50
Width 35
Height 4
Bottle Capacity
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The.Board Rubberwood S

  • Rubberwood
  • Buffalo leather handles
  • Handmade serving and cutting board
  • Branded N.A. logo
  • Size: 50 X 17.5 X 4 cm

Cutting and serving board

Rubberwood is the wood of the rubber tree and is recognized as one of the most ecological woods in the world. Rubberwood is characterized by its beautiful light color, the ability to work on it and the wood is also very stable. Use The.Board to serve delicious snacks and / or drinks, or use it as a cutting board! Unlike the other The.Boards, these can be cut!

Rubber trees have been planted in large numbers in recent decades in plantations in Southeast Asia, for the production of latex. The tapped latex is used to make rubber products. After about 25 years the rubber tree loses its production power and often the plantation is burned down, so that room can be made for new plants. Nowadays, this 'waste wood' is cut down and used to make cutting boards, for example. The wood that used to be waste is now given a new function and then the cycle starts again. The wood that becomes available in this way avoids the annual felling of approximately 600,000 hectares of natural tropical forest (950,000 football fields)!

The.Board Rubberwood S

Can be used as a display board, serving board, coaster, chopping board or decoration in your home!



By applying linseed oil, an extra protective layer has been applied to The.Board. In terms of maintenance, The.Board does not require much. Do not put it in the dishwasher, but clean it with a wet cloth or soft brush. By rubbing The.Board with linseed oil on a regular basis, the colour will remain attractive and food residues will not be absorbed.

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If you don’t want to buy linseed oil, you can do the following. What you need is the juice of a lemon, oil and salt. Divide the juice of the lemon over The.Board and sprinkle with a tablespoon of salt. Once you’ve done this, you should gently rub it in with a tea towel or kitchen paper. Then rinse The.Board with warm water and let it dry completely. As soon as The.Board is dry, rub it in with two tablespoons of oil and let it soak in for 20 minutes. Repeat the greasing with the oil about 3-4 times.

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That depends on the use. If you use The.Board daily, you have to oil it once every 2 months.

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During the drying process, you don’t have to put The.Board in a warm place. If you do, there is a chance that the wood will bend or break.

As soon as you have finished using The.Board, you should rinse it immediately. In this way you prevent food residue from damaging the wood.

Do not place The.Board in the dishwasher! The corrosive substances are bad for the wood of the chopping board. The cleaning is best done with warm water and a soft sponge or tea towel

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