Far Infra Red

Tell me more about FIR radiation

Infrared waves can be divided into far infrared (FIR), mid infrared (MIR) and near infrared (NIR). As indicated, we use FIR. This radiation has the property that it can penetrate up to 4 mm under the skin. The body experiences this as a soft, warm radiation. This radiation is especially perceptible when you sit comfortably against your chosen product and less so when you briefly rub your hand over the product. The radiation needs some time to warm up your body.

The cells in the body consist partly of water. Infrared radiation slowly increases the energy level of the water, which pleasantly warms the body from the inside. With ordinary heat, the body can absorb about 20%, but with products with FIR radiation, this is as high as 90%. The temperature does not even have to be very high. Even at a temperature of 30°C, the radiation does its work. However, the effect is deeper and the body heats up more intensely at higher temperatures.

Although all radiant heat is electromagnetic radiation, researchers have found that only the far-infrared radiation band transfers energy in the form of heat that can be perceived as such by the human body. Biomedical researchers have experimented with the use of FIR embedded in various fibres and woven into the fabric of garments. These researchers noted in subjects a “delay” in the “onset of fatigue caused by muscle contractions”. They indicate that FIR radiation has the potential to promote cell recovery.