Energy saving.

How sustainable are heat products?

Because our heating blankets and pillows give off enough heat to keep you nice and warm, there is no need to heat the whole room. So the thermostat can soon be a degree lower.

Did you know that an average household saves 120 m³ when the thermostat is set one degree lower? The average gas price is €3.56 per m³. This amounts to €427 per year. The energy price cap reduces that difference slightly. You will then pay €1.45 per m³ for the first 1,200 m³. If you stay under that limit, this still saves €174.

( Source: Milieu Centraal )

So what does a heat product consume?

Charging The.Powerbank (20,000 mAh!) consumes 0.075 kWh. This equates to about €0.25 per charge. Depending on the setting on which you use the heat product, The.Powerbank is empty after 8 – 10 hours.