The.Camping Cube

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Now discover The.Camping Set, your complete outdoor experience! With this set, you are all set to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Relax in The.Seat comfortable inflatable lounge chairs (2 pieces) and throw your feet in the air on The.Cube. This LED-lit side table features a built-in bluetooth speaker and can be easily controlled with our own app! The.Seat comes in a handy storage bag including pump and cushions. 2 nice chairs, a handy table (or footstool) equipped with a speaker and atmospheric lighting, that will be enjoyable this summer!

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The.Camping Cube

  • The.Seat Specifications
  • Material: Double Wall Fabric
  • Water-repellent cushions
  • Weight: NW/GW 18/20.5 KG
  • Back height: 900 X 510 mm
  • Seat width/depth: 900 X 600 mm
  • Armrest height: 850 X 530 mm
  • Bag dimensions: 24 X 105 X 70 cm
  • Supplied with D-ring (to attach to boat etc.)
  • Colours: White and light grey
  • Content: 4 compartments per seat (8 total), pump, outdoor cushions (4 pieces)
  • With N.A. logo
  • Inflation time: 5 minutes
  • Packing time: 5 minutes
  • The.Cube
  • A-quality Brazilian leather handle
  • Material: Polyethene (PE), leather
  • Dimensions: 41 X 41 X 42 cm
  • Weight: NW/GW 4.8/5.8 kg
  • Battery: 4400 mAh
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 TI, 15m
  • Speaker: 4Ω, 10W
  • Adapter DC: 5V,1A
  • LED light: 10pcs, 3~3.5W, multicolor
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 5V/1A
  • Usage time: Up to 8 hours
  • Charging Time: Up to 4 hours
  • Remote control: No
  • Nikki.Amsterdam app: Yes
  • Pairing function: Yes

Perfect while camping or a day at the beach

These inflatable garden chairs come in a set of 2. You supply the chairs with sufficient air in no time using the included pump. The water-repellent cushion provides extra comfort. The chairs are easy to deflate again and can be stored in the carrying bag.

As The.Cube, like The.Lampions, is equipped with the SYNC function, you easily connect several cubes together. In this way, atmospheric illuminated seats can be created in various positions around the terrace for example. In addition, Nikki.Amsterdam provides a very user-friendly app with which you can easily operate the products. The range is in excess of 15 meters so that the music can also be heard all around. If you really want something striking, you can easily build a wall of cubes or illuminate each side of a path as an entrance. This will certainly not go unnoticed and definitely contributes to a beautiful styling of your party or company presentation.

Linking with The.Lampions is made very simple. Imagine what that will look like in the evenings! Music and light in every desired angle, drinks cooled and a seats where needed.

The.Cube is very easy to operate with the included remote control. The leather strap, also known from the lanterns, is attached to one of the sides and makes the cube easy to move. A charger is included to charge the on-board battery to ensure you can use your The.Cubes totally wirelessly.

Waterproof beach chair

Relaxing has never been so nice with these inflatable lounge chairs. The individual parts inflate quickly and easily and can be assembled in no time. The inflatable chairs can be easily deflated with one button. Thanks to the use of supboard material, the lounge chairs are hard-wearing, tear-resistant and can easily carry a weight of 150+ kg. These camping chairs come in pairs in a handy storage bag, with pump and water-repellent cushions. This will keep you comfortable this outdoor season. At the campsite, festival, by the water or maybe the beach, these lightweight chairs will take you anywhere.

Built-in bluetooth speaker

Via bluetooth, you can very easily connect your phone or other device to your cube. Choose your own playlist or favourite radio station and enjoy high-quality sound. Let the music play! Use the Nikki.Amsterdam app to stream your music even more easily. You can also easily control the light via the app!


Your wannahave comes with a cable for charging. After this, it is completely wireless and you can create atmosphere wherever you want. In the garden, on the terrace, the boat or in the park!