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Nikki.Amsterdam seeks connection and prefers to create beautiful moments that will not soon be forgotten. So Nikki.Amsterdam started in February 2017 and was the first to launch The.Lampion on the Dutch market. Germany and France soon followed and now the rest of Europe is introduced to Nikki.Amsterdam.

With increasing demand, the need for a multicolor variant and related products that live up to this atmosphere also increased.

Who is Nikki.Amsterdam?

Within a short time Nikki.Amsterdam have launched a great collection of atmosphere-enhancing products. The largest part of which can also be connected to each other, in terms of sound and light. And we like that, seeking a connection. Great moments with friends around you. Nikki.Amsterdam brings people together!

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Of course we are proud of our products and we like to show ourselves as much as possible. Here you will find an overview of already planned fairs and activities. Do we see you there?

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